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A dark exotic fragrance to enjoy during the darkness of the night. The fragrance of choice for a vampire!

From the most remote times, incense has been cherished for it's exotic fragrance by the privileged few. The orginal aromatic resin was employed in the stately courts of ancient kings; it was the original gift of the 3 Magi.

Prized for it's medicinal properties, it's ability to arouse a myriad of moods, as an offering during meditations, a ritual for purification, or simply to enjoy the fragrance.

In our modern days of congested cities and stale air, incense has been found to be a safe and pleasant natural deodorant for the home and inspiration for the tired soul.

Spiritual Sky has prepared a complete range of perfumed aromas whose daily use will nuance the atmosphere of your home.

Use as a room scenter or as an aid to meditation. A wonderful natural air freshener, so much better than some of the synthetic chemical-smelling commercial air fresheners so widely used these days.

How to use:
Light the tip of the incense stick, gently blow the flame out and place the stick in a holder. Keep it away from curtains and other soft furnishings.

Spiritual Sky Incense is the probably the most popular brand of incense sticks in the UK - and for very good reason.

Each pack contains 20 long burning incense sticks.
Approx 45 minutes of burning time per stick.

Attractively packaged and beautifully fragranced this makes a perfect gift for someone special on their birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.


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